Mr Matey Bubble Bath Australia

During the 1990s, one of the most delightful parts of childhood in Australia was bath time with Mr Matey Bubble Bath. From its catchy commercials to the fun, character-themed bottles, Mr Matey Bubble Bath holds a special place in the hearts of many who grew up during that time. This blog post delves into the nostalgic charm of… Read More »

Changing Your Shell Prompt

I’m still setting up my Linux systems at work, and one of the things that I like to change is the BASH shell’s prompt. I’ve found when I’m rolling back through shell commands to see the output of past commands, there’s not a good way to separate one command from another with the standard prompt. You end up… Read More »

I’m drowning in memories

Holding onto things that spark special memories is something very hard for me to give up. I think it is because they spark memories of good feelings and connects us to our past. Don’t want to loose the memory To tell the difference on something we hold onto and drowning in clutter I’m reminded of Marie Kondo when… Read More »

scansnap s1500 not working with windows 11

I found that my Fujitsu scansnap s1500 no longer worked after updating my windows 10 machine to Windows 11. Here I provide the solution on how I got my fujitsu scansnap s1500 working on Windows 11. How I searched for the Solution Looking around through google i found others experiencing the same problem: scansnap ix500 and s1500 no… Read More »

How to Fix Prototype on Windows 10 and Resolution Fix

So, you bought Prototype ready to play and you find Prototype crashes when trying to launch a new game. I feel your pain, you spent your money and cannot even play the game. So, after looking through various forums I have managed to get this working on my windows 10 machine and fix screen resolution to support your… Read More »

FreeNAS default password – How to reset

Having issues logging onto Freenas using the default password? You may find it a pain when your password to logon does not work, this guide will provide simple tip on how to figure out the freenas default password, rather than seeing the dreaded: Please enter a correct Username and password. Note that both fields may be case-sensitive.

linux directory size

This guide will teach you several commands I use frequently on how to show the linux directory size in Centos or Redhat and what folders are using the most space all listed in MB. Here is a list of common commands I use that you may find helpful. Search current Centos or RedHat Folder You search the current… Read More »

VIM Cheat Sheet

This guide will teach you the basics of VIM and how to get going quickly, and offer you a VIM cheat sheet and other useful resources on where you can learn more. While VIM can appear hard, it is a really powerful text editor and worth the effort as will save you time in editing large amounts of… Read More »