Rotate PDF for Free

PDFs are an awesome way to scan your documents into, but having individual pages that are not rotated can be frustrating, im this guide I will show you how to rotate pdf for free. How to Rotate PDF for Free 1. Scan your documents into PDF using a scanner like the Fujitsu ScanSnap. 2. Use PDFedit to rotate the individual pages… Read More »

My Little Pony Danger Sign

My wife loves to collect My Little Ponys, especially the vintage ones, today she shared with me this humorous picture. Considering how protective she is over her collection, I understand completely why this image is perfect. So inspired from the image above, I thought I would make a sign up for her collection, and thought it would be… Read More »

Sonarr Error occurred while executing task ApplicationUpdate

Got this error when attempting to update Sonnarr installed on my FreeNas as a Jail to the latest version: Error occurred while executing task ApplicationUpdate: ApplicationName=’mono’, CommandLine=’–debug /tmp/nzbdrone_update/NzbDrone.Update.exe 88519 /tmp/nzbdrone_update /usr/pbi/sonarr-amd64/share/sonarr/NzbDrone.exe /data=/var/db/sonarr /nobrowser’, CurrentDirectory=”, Native error= Cannot find the specified file How to Fix and Update Sonarr Log onto FreeNas Gui Click Plugins Click Sonarr Jail Open Shell… Read More »