Increase swap space in Redhat 7 | Centos 7

So you would like to add more swap space in Redhat 7 or Centos 7 after installation. Sometimes it is necessary to add more swap space after installation. For example, you may upgrade the amount of RAM in your system from 512 MB to 1026 MB, but there is only 512 MB of swap space. It might be… Read More »

How to install Plex Media Server on FreeNas 11.2

Plex brings together all the media that matters to you, organizing your personal collections alongside stellar online content, streaming music, and more, making it all look beautiful in one universal interface.

My Little Pony Danger Sign

My wife loves to collect My Little Ponys, especially the vintage ones, today she shared with me this humorous picture. Considering how protective she is over her collection, I understand completely why this image is perfect. So inspired from the image above, I thought I would make a sign up for her collection, and thought it would be… Read More »

Sonarr Error occurred while executing task ApplicationUpdate

Got this error when attempting to update Sonnarr installed on my FreeNas as a Jail to the latest version: Error occurred while executing task ApplicationUpdate: ApplicationName=’mono’, CommandLine=’–debug /tmp/nzbdrone_update/NzbDrone.Update.exe 88519 /tmp/nzbdrone_update /usr/pbi/sonarr-amd64/share/sonarr/NzbDrone.exe /data=/var/db/sonarr /nobrowser’, CurrentDirectory=”, Native error= Cannot find the specified file How to Fix and Update Sonarr Log onto FreeNas Gui Click Plugins Click Sonarr Jail Open Shell… Read More »

How to Help Fibromyalgia Pain Naturally

My wife has suffered fibromyalgia pain for as long as I known her, I wasn’t for a number of years we got a formal diagnosis. We have seen specialist after specialist and numerous alternative health practitioners with no results and mounting expenses. I would like to share with you what I have done and the reason why I… Read More »

How to Convert heic to jpg on iphone Free

A guide that shows How to Convert heic to jpg on iphone Free. On the latest IOS update Apple has turned on HEIC (High Efficiency Image File Format) by default, sadly it’s not native to Windows and may programs like Photoshop, this tutorial will show you how to make them work on Windows 10 and also how to… Read More »

How to remove background noise from music?

You have made a nice music track, but notice you have an annoying white background noise, this tutorial will guide you using the free tool Audacity to remove that from your music track.

FreeNAS 11.2 – How to Setup New Hard Drives

I just purchased 4 x 4TB drives for my second NAS, so i created a tutorial that will walk you through using FreeNAS 11.2, creating the pool, datasets, user permissions and SAMBA windows share, I purposely show it not working so you can get an understanding how permissions work. Video Guide Hardware I Used I use the HP… Read More »

Bus Ticket from Adelaide Australia during the 1970s

Bus Ticket Found in Old Book My father found in an old book a paper Adelaide STA bus ticket, from the 1970s.      On the back of the ticket you can see an advertisement for a company called Star Printing Lonnen and Clark P/L advertising Computer Input forms accuracy guaranteed. Also love quotes on the ticket, this… Read More »

create ssh key

In Linux and most other Linux distributions you can use ssh key pairs to easily remote into other systems and run scripts remotely. This is extremely useful when managing multiple Linux hosts and if you wish to gather reports from one central source. What are SSH Key Pairs? SSH key pairs are two cryptographically secure keys that can be… Read More »