FreeNAS default password – How to reset

By | October 25, 2019

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Having issues logging onto Freenas using the default password? You may find it a pain when your password to logon does not work, this guide will provide simple tip on how to figure out the freenas default password, rather than seeing the dreaded:

Please enter a correct Username and password. Note that both fields may be case-sensitive.

Resetting FreeNAS default password
If you are stuck and unable to log into your FreeNAS webGUI, the Simplest way is to reset your FreeNAS webGUI password through the console that you have FreeNAS installed on.

  1. Log into the Console

    Go to the machine that you have Freenas installed onto, which is called your FreeNAS console:

  2. Select Menu item Reset WebGUI login Credentials

    Choose Option 7 to Reset the WebGUI login credentials:

  3. Refresh your FreeNAS web page GUI

    Go back to the WebGUI and try to login and it will prompt you to make a new password

  4. Login and Enjoy

    Your done and your new password will be set, now you can move onto fun projects like installing Plex or setting up your new hard drives.

The Bottom Line

In the end it is easy to reset your default password in freenas, and you will be on your way back to using the fun features in freenas, please feel free to look at my other freenas tutorials here.

For video tutorials please have a look at my YouTube FreeNas My Random Tips Channel and subscribe for video tutorials, and if you have any advice for others, requests or questions please leave a comment below.

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