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Here is a collection of random software tips I have learnt in order to make my life easier, is dedicated to documenting Tips I have found.

How to Fix Prototype on Windows 10 and Resolution Fix

So, you bought Prototype ready to play and you find Prototype crashes when trying to launch a new game. I feel your pain, you spent your money and cannot even play the game. So, after looking through various forums I have managed to get this working on my windows 10 machine and fix screen resolution to support your… Read More »

Rotate PDF for Free

PDFs are an awesome way to scan your documents into, but having individual pages that are not rotated can be frustrating, im this guide I will show you how to rotate pdf for free. How to Rotate PDF for Free 1. Scan your documents into PDF using a scanner like the Fujitsu ScanSnap. 2. Use PDFedit to rotate the individual pages… Read More »