How to remove background noise from music?

By | December 28, 2018

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You have made a nice music track, but notice you have an annoying white background noise, this tutorial will guide you using the free tool Audacity to remove that from your music track.

How to remove background noise from a music recording

Using Audacity to remove background noise

4 Simple steps to remove white noise

Ensure Enough White Noise

At the beginning of the audio find where you hear just the background white noise, duplicate to ensure you at lest have 3 seconds of white noise.

Get Noise Profile

Go to the Effects menu and click Noise Removal. Click Get Noise Profile, click Save

Remove White Noise on the entire track

Go to select all or just the part you wish for Noise Removal. Go to the Effects menu and click Noise Removal.

Check and Save

Adjust the settings if necessary, I find defaults OK, then click OK. Listen to ensure your audio sounds right, adjust levels if required.

Learn how to remove unwanted background noise with Audacity (Free Software)


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